Who we are

Established by our principal, Alan Conway in 2013 to provide...

We offer a bespoke and consistent service, while enhancing and protecting the value of this portion of our clients portfolio of investments.

Our aim is source and acquire well
located, income producing properties
primarily in Ireland.

These properties are generally sourced ‘off market’ through the network of professional contacts and associates our principal, Alan Conway, has built up over many years in the industry. Properties are not only chosen because of their investment potential, critically they must also possess further asset management opportunities, from straight forward re-letting potential to entire re-development, this is where ALWAY as your advisor can add real value!

Owner and Principal, Alan Conway.

Alan holds a MSc in Real Estate from Dublin Institute of Technology and is a Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA). He has over 30 years experience in property, investment/management and banking. Prior to establishing ALWAY, he held a number of executive management roles within the Bank of Ireland Group, most recently in Corporate Banking, Specialist Property Group and Private Banking.

Alan has an in depth knowledge of acquiring and managing property in global locations including France, Sweden, Belgium, USA and of course Ireland and the UK.

What we do.

Our clients understand there is significant value in the property market with ever increasing ways to access it. In addition they want to be directly involved in the decision making process and like to be kept up to date on how their investment is performing.

What makes ALWAY different from other advisors or investment vehicles such as Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) or third party property funds is that during acquisition (and disposal) ALWAY clients are kept fully informed as each property is being bought/sold and how these properties will be managed for the future.

Clients are asked for their opinion on these transactions and to offer any additional insight, as this can be critical to our evaluation and to making the final decisions. We provide quarterly updates, one to one briefings and half yearly valuations..

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